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Welcome to Flight Resource, LLC.

Flight Resource, LLC is the World’s Largest Authorized Distributor of MT Propellers.

These natural composite constant speed propellers are lighter in weight, vibration free and are NOT life-limited. STC's are available for many applications and custom production is available for most home-built applications.

We hold the rights to the Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) for the installation of MT Propellers on Aviat, Beech, Cessna, and many others.


Cessna Plane Flight Resource is the only American Distributor who maintains an inventory of the most popular MT propellers ready for shipment to you the next day.

We can provide propellers for ANY application and will ship to anywhere in the WORLD!

Reversing MT prop STC approved for Cessna aircraft

Flight Resource offers the MT Composite two or three blade propeller STC with REVERSING option to all Cessna 180/182/185/206/207/210 aircraft. This option has been available and very popular for the Aviat Husky since 2015.

Husky Reverse demo:

The Flight Resource Cessna STC approves the installation of the 83" two or three blade MT Composite propeller to all Cessna 180/182/185/206/207/210 aircraft with any version of a TCM -470, -520 or -550 engine.

The MT composite props are perfect for seaplane use. A nickel leading edge eliminates blade erosion and the natural composite core, wrapped with several layers of carbon fiber cloth, is stronger than metal, yet up to 30 pounds lighter. And the natural composite core absorbs engine vibration making it feel like you are powered by a turbine.

The reversing option adds about $10,000 to the price of the prop kit. One seaplane fleet operator stated that "if it saves a single hard bump to a dock, it has more than paid for itself."

Extra 400 with the new MT Scimitar prop and much improved performance

Extra 400 with the new MT Scimitar prop and much improved performance Extra 400 with the new MT Scimitar prop and much improved performance Extra 400 with the new MT Scimitar prop and much improved performance

MT Scimitar Prop Customer Testimonial:

Thank you so much for the Prop upgrade on my EXTRA 400

I was thrilled with the results. I wish I did a more precise comparison before and after, but these were my observations:
  • Take off roll was much better probably 10-15%.
  • I used to do a full short field take-off on a 3000ft runway, at ISA+15, 2000ft elevation, full fuel + passenger and have some stress about the runway length. I can do a easy rolling start now and have plenty of space left in the same conditions.
  • At ISA+15 my limiting factor on climb out was my water temp. I used to have to reduce power to 70% and climb 600ft/min to keep the engine cool. With improved cooling and better climb-out I'm now doing 92% power 1000ft/min in the same conditions. At full power my plane will now climb 1500ft/min 120knots and keep the engine cool, which I've never seen before.
  • Cruise at 12000ft density altitude improved about 5-7knots. Engine water temp was about 8-10 degrees cooler.
  • I used the prop to slow the plane down on a descend and I was startled with how much it slowed me down. It definitely has a lot more traction in the air.
  • The noise inside the cabin was also reduced. I noticed hearing the wind coming past the cabin for the first time.
The prop exceeded all my expectations.

Dr R.Birkill

Flight Resource announces the new STC for the Mooney R, S & TN aircraft with our super light and high performance four blade MT

STC for Mooney M20R M20S M20TN STC for Mooney M20R M20S M20TN