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Flight Resource

Your source for MT Propellers

Flight Resource is proud to be an official distributor of MT Propeller. MT Natural composite propellers are strong and lightweight and have many advantages over metal propellers. This construction method is excellent for aerobatic and sport aircraft. Each propeller is custom-made to best suit the particular application.

MT Propeller-Germany employs expert craftsmen who take great pride in producing the best propellers possible. These natural composite propellers are the finest in the world and are used for a variety of industries including general aviation, military trainers, airships, hovercraft, and wind tunnels. MT Propeller has manufacturing experience spanning many decades and their attention to quality ensures that these propellers are, quite simply, the best available anywhere. We can supply you with a high-performance propeller for almost any application: Aerobatics, General Aviation, Single or Multiple Engines, Piston or Turboprop Power, Certified or Experimental, Tractor or Pusher, Bush/Wilderness Flying, Motorgliders, Amphibians and Seaplanes, and even Airships!

A short list of the many advantages of MT Natural Composite Props would include:

  • Smoother running.
  • Quieter operation, both inside and outside of the aircraft.
  • High thrust aerofoil improving take-off & aerobatics.
  • Improved rate of climb.
  • Low moment of inertia.
  • Integral leading edge guard.
  • Light weight alloy hub forging.
  • Low propeller weight.
  • Low major inspection intervals and maintenance costs.
  • Wide variety of props to fit virtually any application.
  • Fixed pitch, variable pitch, feathering, and reversible options.
  • Good looks and a choice of colors.
  • Propellers designed to FAR 35 standards.