• In summary, the tests proved to me the MT 4-blade props were lighter, faster, smoother, resulted in reduced engine temps and look really cool. Darn right I’ll keep them! If anyone interested in the benefits of the 340 or the MT’s is ever in the area and would like to go for a ride give me a call or send an email. I would be happy to show off this plane.

    Philip Mattison Cessna 340
  • I flew the airplane yesterday, and it was a dream. No vibration, better performance. I will take a pic, next time I go flying, which will be soon, and send it to you. You may refer potential customers to me for feedback.

    Wally Azimi SR22
  • We're running a 2 blade MT on a '54 with a J and its early days but so far its doing all we hoped, smooth, strong, light, quieter. We also find that the prop "cycles" a lot more quickly then the conventional, and I don't wait on full coarse for the rpm to start to drop as it really "bites" quickly. Nice Prop.

    Andrew Bowmar Cessna 182
  • I installed the propeller and flew it today. It is smoother, and it seems like the aircraft has 20 more horsepower for take-off. I haven't had it in cruise yet, but I doubt that I could tell any difference. The lighter weight (less rotational inertia) gives it a much quicker response to throttle changes. It is very responsive. I hope it continues this way for many years.

    John Sargent C182 w O-470
  • This will be our fifth season of running MT props in the off-airport environment on multiple Husky aircraft, and dings have not been an issue for us. The stainless leading edge does a great job of protecting the prop from any reasonable damage.

    George Mandes Aviat Husky
  • I tested the 88 inch Mac and the two blade MT on the same day with our ‘62 C185 with the IO-520 and the MT two blade substantially outperformed the 88 inch Mac in climb to 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 feet. I am especially interested in the three blade MT with our 550 conversion on this plane.

    George Mandes Cessna 185
  • You were right, the MT is a great improvement over the metal Hartzell. I have quicker take-off, more vertical and feel much safer. Thanks again.

    Bob Post Aviat Pitts S2B
  • What an improvement! The MT is much lighter than the Hartzell, accelerates quicker, is better for take-off and gives me more control and shorter landings. Thanks!

    Pat Day Cessna 185
  • Just a note to tell you how well the prop is working and how performance it’s added to my 182. The take-off and climb are better, the cruise is faster and quieter and the smoothness is hard to describe… you can use me for a reference anytime.

    Jerry Woods Cessna C182
  • There is absolutely no comparison between the performance of my Husky before and after installing the MT. If anyone is considering changing to the MT and is undecided, I would be happy to give them a demonstration, they would be impressed!

    Dave Youland Aviat Husky


We hold the rights to the Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) for the installation of MT Propellers on Aviat, Beech, Cessna, Maule, Mooney, Piper, Experimental and more. From Cubs to Twin Turbines, we can prop them all.

Full Reversing

Now Available: 2 and 3-blade Composite props with full REVERSING thrust capability. The ultimate safety and maneuverability feature for any float plane!

Engine Upgrades

Do you have, or are considering, an engine upgrade?

Our MT composite propeller STC’s are approved and compatible with all popular engine mods like P-Ponk, Texas Skyways, Air Plains Services, Davis, DelAir, Tornado Alley, Forced Aeromotive, and too many more to list.

Large Inventory

Flight Resource is the only American Distributor who maintains an inventory of the most popular MT propellers ready for shipment to you the next day.

Ready to Ship

We can provide propellers for nearly any application and will ship to anywhere in the world.


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Back Country and Float Applications


180, 185, 210, and more

MT Propeller Advantages

Reduced Weight – MT Natural Composite Propellers are significantly lighter than aluminum propeller systems. This is a weight savings where it is most important… On the end of your engine crankshaft.

Reduced Polar Moment – It takes power to swing mass. Less mass to swing with MT Props means that power can be used to produce thrust.

Reduced vibration – Aluminum supports harmonic vibration. Composite does not. (Have you ever seen a wooden tuning fork?) Other parts of your plane (gyros, motor mounts, radios, heat muffs, cowlings) will last longer with reduced vibration. Because of this natural immunity to harmonic vibration, MT props do not require RPM range limitations. Set the power and RPM to your needs without the worry and trouble of ‘restricted range RPM zones’. The molecules that make up all metal components ‘line up’ and create stress risers with vibration, flex and impact. Natural composite, by it’s nature, is immune to this property meaning no life limits with an MT Prop.

Greater Strength – These are the same blades and hub that are used in our Unlimited Aerobatic Propeller Series. We also use very tough Nickel-Cobalt instead of soft aluminum for the leading edge guard.

Life Unlimited – Metal props have absolute dimension limits. Every time you have a nick filed out and the prop dressed, you get closer to that limit. At some point it will exceed the use tolerances and must be scrapped. In addition, each time a metal prop is dressed, you will change the optimized performance dimensions established by the manufacturer. MT Propellers, when overhauled, are brought back to exact factory new dimensions.

Steel Hub Inserts – MT Propeller hubs use a hardened stainless steel bearing insert that is replaceable. Standard hubs wear against the machined aluminum and must be completely replaced when worn outside of tolerance.

Quieter – 3 blade conversions result in smaller diameter compared to 2-blade installations. Shorter blades run quieter than long blades due to the lower tip speeds. Another advantage of lower tip speeds is the maintenance of smooth airflow across the blades. This results in more lift/thrust. We also use a rounded tip that is quieter than a square tip blade.

Fuel Savings – Our 182 test platform ran 2300 rpm x 23” MP @ 130KTAS @ 12.5 GPH with the standard 2-blade metal prop. With the MT Composite we ran 2100 rpm x 24” MP @ 130 KTAS at 11.5 GPH.

Less Drag – A smaller prop arc disk has less drag than larger diameter prop arc discs=> more speed.

Look Cool – your plane will look faster and more modern with the sleek MT Prop hanging on the front

More Ground Clearance – A smaller diameter 3-blade to replace a 2-blade installation will provide less chance of prop damage from objects picked up from the ground.

Many Service Centers – MT has a worldwide network of prop shops that have trained and been approved to service MT Propellers.

Prop Strike…Oh No! – Lab tests and field experience has shown less damage with MT Composite props. Usually, the tips were sheared off (rebuild-able) and the engine was not subjected to sudden stoppage. This will save you (and your insurance company ) time and money. Blades are easily repairable and your engine is undamaged.

Adds Resale Value – Like fine artwork or air conditioning in a car, you get to enjoy the benefits while it is yours, then get back what you paid for it in the future

Easy Installation – Simply bolt it on. Uses existing prop governor.

Fully Warranted – 1 year or 1,000 hours (which ever occurs first) for any manufacturing defects.

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