Standard colors:

  • White (RAL9016)
  • Red (RAL3020)
  • Gray (RAL7005)
  • Flat or Shiny Black (RAL9005)
  • Yellow (RAL1021)
  • Blue (RAL5010)

Flat Black with white tips is the most popular because those colors do not clash with any other colors. They are also the most durable paint colors. Other custom colors may be ordered for an up-charge, but that could delay delivery for several weeks. MT prop blades and spinners may be painted with common materials by any prop shop.

The MT Spinner domes are Kevlar and will never crack. They are finished in white or flat black paint. An optional Chrome plating may be selected on limited types of models.

The Bonanza/C210/C206 props are Diamond Silver with B/WB tips.