Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are available?

Standard colors:

  • White (RAL9016)
  • Red (RAL3020)
  • Gray (RAL7005)
  • Flat or Shiny Black (RAL9005)
  • Yellow (RAL1021)
  • Blue (RAL5010)

Flat Black with white tips is the most popular because those colors do not clash with any other colors. They are also the most durable paint colors. Other custom colors may be ordered for an up-charge, but that could delay delivery for several weeks. MT prop blades and spinners may be painted with common materials by any prop shop.

The MT Spinner domes are Kevlar and will never crack. They are finished in white or flat black paint. An optional Chrome plating may be selected on limited types of models.

The Bonanza/C210/C206 props are Diamond Silver with B/WB tips.

How long does it take to get mine?

Flight Resource stocks the most popular propellers and can ship to you within 24 hours. A custom built propeller will take 12 to 14 weeks, typical.

Do I need a special technician to install the MT Prop?

No. Your A&P can install the prop in less than an hour.

I have other high-performance aircraft. Is there an MT prop to fit them also?

YES!! MT manufactures propeller systems for hundreds of applications and they even custom design and build props for experimental and aerobatic planes. Call for more information.

Who pays shipping costs.

The buyer pays shipping from Germany to your door.

How much is shipping?

It varies based on your location and speed of delivery.

Is there any taxes or duty fees?

There is no U.S. import tax or duty at this time for props that we ship from our Warehouse. Customs fees and broker charges may apply to props that are shipped from Germany direct to the customer.

Is there any special inspection process needed?

No. Preflight and annual inspections are no different than with a metal prop.

Can I use my existing prop governor?

Yes, with no modifications at all.

Who can re-build the blades if they get damaged?

You, the owner, are authorized to make permanent repairs using common 2-part epoxy to common minor damage. The MT-Propeller Service Center in DeLand Florida has the equipment to rebuild your blades and even the hub in the event of prop strike or more severe damage. We also carry sets of exchange blades in stock for quick return to service for our customers.

The blades have a wood core; can I use them in rain or on a seaplane?

MT Natural Composite blades have a tough epoxy / carbon fiber coating AND a thick Nickel-Cobalt edge that provides a lifetime of protection from moisture and impact. Years of testing in rain, ice and snow have proven MT’s propeller is all-weather durable.

Is de-Icing available?

All Hydraulic blades have available Electric (hot prop) or Fluid de-ice option.

How long has MT been making propellers?

MT-Propeller began making natural composite propellers in 1980. Over 50,000 blades are in action with no in flight failures.

Why are many 2 blade aluminum props converted to 3-blade composite?

Physics – The lighter mass of the composite system absorbs less horsepower, therefore we can add another blade to use this power to create more thrust.

Why should I buy from Flight Resource?

We are focused on only one thing…the sales and support of MT Propellers.

How can I best contact Flight Resource?

We have made the many contact methods available on our Contact page.